BLADER Shaving Products

R3 Blader®Ladies

R3 Ladies blade razor. The Anti-drag blades with ceramic coating for a super close, super silky smooth shave andmore evenly distributed pressure for a more comfortable, less irritating shave.

The shaving pack includes convenient travel case with the handle and 2 shaving cartridges. By using the travel case you avoid infection of shaving blades from any non-hygienic surface.

The handle fits perfectly in the hand and with the help of the push button release the cartridge for easy change. The Biological lubricating strip, consists of Vitamin E and Aloe. By lubricating the shaving area and with the help of the pivoting head, decreases the irritation, cuts and nicks on the skin and can last for many shaving sessions.

The precise alignment of the three blades and the micro matrix guard, flow the hair through the blades during shaving without blocking the hair between the blades. This system quickly rinse of the hair from the shaver and helps for smoother and closer shaving without irritation on the skin.